Radius Human Skill Development Centre

  • Course on income tax & tax management, 6th July,1
  • Course on income tax & tax management, 6th July,2
  • Traing_ Vat & Vat management, 28th Sept, 2013,2


We are pleased to announce that Radius Centre is starting a new program to impart useful practical knowledge on issues of vital business interest aimed primarily at senior executives and top management. In order to cater to the needs of such high-level people, who necessarily lead busy lives, the courses have been designed with two essential features in mind

a) They will cover topics at the level of detail needed for meaningful oversight and will be of relatively short duration, usually only one full day.

b) They will be conducted by acknowledged, highly qualified, experts in the respective fields who are also known to be skilled communicators.

These intensive courses will be presented under the aegis of the Radius Human Skill Development Centre which is housed at Radius Centre, located in a convenient prominent Gulshan building, and fully equipped with all modern facilities and upscale furnishings. Appropriate Diplomas/Certificates will be provided to the course participants.

We believe that senior executives are always keen to keep up on the latest developments in business but that they have been hampered in the past because courses have not been offered with their needs and requirements specifically in mind. We hope that the Program of courses to be offered by the Radius Human Skill Development Centre will meet this gap.